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sharpening our skills.
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John Wilson was the 17th Century Royal toolmaker tasked with designing skates for the Royal Court. In 1841, Queen Victoria even requested ‘John Wilson’ skates for herself and her husband. Little did John know, that more than 300 years later his name would still be renowned for precision technology and innovation in blade design.

The Choice of Today's Champions

Over the last 50 years, National, World and Olympic champions have skated to victory on John Wilson blades. They’ve appreciated the precision and attention-to-detail that goes into creating every single edge. The results of which have set John Wilson apart in strength, flexibility and resistance to corrosion.

From laser-cut steel to a meticulous six-stage tempering process, the careful combination of surface treatments and coatings to the master craftsmen who hand-finish each blade, every millimetre is perfected to ensure stability and excellence on the ice. For an edge that will not only withstand the rigours of competition skating, but is designed to help advance it.